CoolDry Insulated Saddles

CoolDry Insulated Saddles

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CoolDry Insulated Saddles

The Tru-Balance CoolDry Insulated Saddle is the premier 25-50 Flame/Smoke rated, pre-insulated saddle system in the industry today for commercial piping systems to 250°F. The CoolDry Insulated Saddle consist of a rigid 3.75 PCF Phenolic Foam Pipe Insulation designed for piping to 10" Iron Pipe Size, and 5 PCF Phenolic Foam Pipe Insulation for piping from 11" to 30" Iron Pipe Size.

The product also features a premium vapor barrier membrane with a true perm rating of Zero. The CoolDry Insulated Saddle has no known nutrients that promote mold or fungus problems. CoolDry Saddles also features a flared edge standard Rib or Short-Rib Saddle for a perfect fit inside the clevis hanger, along with a premium self-seal acrylic adhesive tape that secures and seals the pipe insulation in place. The Short-Rib Saddle feature is available for the popular insulation O.D.'s.

  • Recommended Product - All Cold and Hot Applications from -290°F to 250°F
  • Phenolic foam insulation meets 25/50 Flame-Smoke Ratings
  • Superior Zero Perm rated facing makes it ideal for all cold piping
  • Does not contribute to mold, mildew or bacteria growth
  • Water and moisture resistant
  • Saddle features a partial bottom rib that centers it inside clevis hanger
  • Insulation has excellent compressive strength, and CFC and HCFC free
  • Easy Data Sheet and Guide Spec Format download
  • Quick inspection Logo with size on bottom of each Saddle
  • Low K factor of .16 at 75°F Mean Temperature

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Guide Specs

PDF Guide Spec-CoolDry Insulated Saddles (PDF - 187KB)

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