CoolDry™ Insulated Sliding Saddles

Tru-Balance Sliding Saddle

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Tru-Balance Sliding Saddle

CoolDry Insulated Sliding Saddles from Buckaroos, Inc. provide a single product solution to three main concerns at hanger locations in an engineered, dynamic piping system. This system offers 25/50 flame/smoke rating per ASTM-E-84 by component servicing temperature limit ranges from -290°F to 250°F. The pre-jacketed, rigid insulation material creates stability and significantly reduces potential for any penetration to the jacketing. The sliding feature allows for a small amount of controlled, linear movement at the hanger location while maintaining the integrity of the insulation.

  • Features a sliding saddle system with the top saddle moving with the pipe
  • Unique PTFE inner layer allows for controlled movement of the top Saddle
  • Zero Perm rated vapor retarder jacketing making it ideal for moving pipe
  • Cost much less than insulated supports with traditional roller hangers
  • Rigid phenolic foam insulation that meets 25/50 Flame Smoke ratings
  • Premium Self-Seal tape on the insulation jacketing for a secure closure system
  • CoolDry Quick-Inspect Sticker for fast inspection
  • Alleviates the safety concern of Saddles falling on people and objects below

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