Wraparoos Clevis Hanger Covers

Wraparoos Clevis Hanger

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Wraparoos Clevis Hanger

The patented Wraparoos Hanger Cover is a two-piece cover designed to cover and protect clevis-type pipe insulation hangers. Constructed from specially manufactured, high temperature rated (205°) CPVC, Wraparoos Hanger Covers are intended for use in food plants, clean rooms, restaurants, or any areas or facilities with a need to keep the total pipe insulation system clean. Wraparoos protect surfaces from insects and bacteria as well as moisture, dust, and dirt that can cause rust and corrosion on steel clevis-type hangers. With the 205°F upper limit, Wraparoos can withstand scalding washdowns in food plants or clean areas. Wraparoos will not warp like regular PVC, which is only good to 155°F.

  • Wraparoos snap on quickly for fast installation. They are ideal for retrofit applications because the Wraparoos fits right over current insulated hanger
  • A matching rod cover provides full coverage of the hanger and the rod
  • The Wraparoos ends reduce to the outside diameter of the insulation to create a tight, closed jacket connection
  • The Wraparoos covers the pipe insulation to protect it from damage or abuse
  • Wraparoos are available in multiple colors to match the colors of the adjoining PVC and pipe jacket. This creates an attractive, total system appearance. Bright white PVC color provides a clean appearance. All colors last longer than painted pipe
  • The weld adhesive seals completely for bacteria isolation
  • Wraparoos have excellent chemical resistance to withstand all environmental conditions
  • They can withstand scalding washdowns because they are good to 205°F
  • Their high impact strength means they resist cracking and are very durable
  • Wraparoos are very low maintenance. They are easy-to clean-with a damp cloth

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